What is Reiki?

Reiki is an Eastern healing tradition whose purpose is to re-balance the complex energy systems that compose the body when they have become out of balance. The healthy balance in our energy systems can be disrupted by stress and illness and this unbalancing may have physical manifestations such as pain. The Reiki therapist is trained to clear and move the congestion they find by using energy they access through their feet and hands and is sent through their hands to the client to re-balance the mind and body and strengthen the body and spirit by reopening each clients natural energy flow. The result is a sense of well being and the healing of the body.

Reiki generally has no negative side effects because of its very low impact and gentle nature. Clients often see colors during the treatment and report tingling sensations or a sensation of hot or cold. Some clients have reported a sense of sadness or loss during treatments or directly after and are prepared for this by their therapist prior to treatment as this is common as old emotional energy is moved out of the body. The benefit of Reiki is seen in physical and emotional healing that the client is sometimes unable to seem to hold onto prior.

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