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We offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping and Pre-natal massage services.

Deep Tissue – this massage applies firm pressure and targeted application of trigger point, myofascial, and cupping therapies to restore the body to it relaxed state. This is an intense at times and very thorough type of body work that truly corrects old muscle memory and helps to alleviate chronic muscle tension and return the body back to proper function.

Prenatal – a side posture massage designed to take care of the special needs expecting mothers require due to the stresses of pregnancy. Our clients can choose from relaxing Swedish style to a more intensive deep tissue style to address both new and prior muscle tension. It also allows for a far more comfortable pregnancy with less overall pain and improves the mood during this time of change for the woman.

Swedish – this massage applies soft pressure and long strokes to bring about optimum relaxation and improve circulation. Sometimes clients just need to be nurtured and feel pleasantly pampered to feel relieved of the stresses of life. This massage seems to treat the spirit as well as the body and helps our clients to remember how to relax and take the well deserved rest we often need in an often hectic life.

Massage Cupping – This massage is performed with silicone cups by creating reverse pressure on the soft tissue releasing adhesions and bringing fresh blood flow and movement to the lymphatic system. The cups maybe parked for a short time to facilitate joint mobilization or deep soft tissue release and allow the therapist to work more effectively and comfortably on the client. The cupping allows the therapist to release the soft tissue that sometimes gets rigid and makes a deep tissue massage more uncomfortable by a technique which is easier on the client and gives the therapist access to the deeper work that needs to be addressed.