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Hot Stones

Hot stones for the back can be added to any of our massage services.

What are the benefits of hot stones?

As the name implies, hot stones are applied at specific sites of trigger points and overly tense muscles to aid in relaxation. The hot stones are able to penetrate heat deep into the muscle as the therapist moves the stones over the body in long smooth strokes and helps clients to release tension in those areas. Most clients find this warm application to be extremely pleasant and helps them to relax and prepare for a deeper work without feeling as stressed by the work. Hot stone therapy is used in conjunction with Swedish massage, as well as, deep tissue massage depending on what the goals of the client may be.

The benefits of hot stone therapy include improved circulation, pain relief by relaxation of tightened muscles,the release of toxins, and an overall comforting sensation. The therapist is better able to reach the deep muscles when the muscles that are tight near the surface are relaxed and better oxygenated by a fresh influx of blood brought to the skin by heat application.